01. tour camp couchiching
02. what will i eat?
03. where will i sleep?
04. is there tuck...what is tuck?
05. what will a typical day be at camp?
06. what activities does Cooch offer?
07. hear what other kids have to say about camp
08. camp photos & slideshow
09. faq
10. upcoming weekend camps

Is There Tuck....What is Tuck?

Tuck is the currency of camp.

The Tuck shop at Cooch is candy store, and every few days campers visit the shop before and after lunch for a few treats. Inside the Tuck shop campers will find a variety of candy, pop, and chips…as well as some healthy options.

All items in the tuck shop are nut free, and you don't need to bring any money because they are free. Every camper at camp gets the same amount of tuck each session so you don't need to bring any money for this tuck shop!