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What  Activities Does Cooch Offer?

One of the unique aspects to the Camp Couchiching program is the division of activities into the two categories of Recreational and Instructional.

Instructional activities have specific objectives and skills which must be taught and mastered in order to achieve a level or certification.

Recreational activities are focused more on fun, with no levels or certification being offered. While they still focus on experimental learning and teaching skills, there is no determined objective or degrees of success.

Instructional Swim – In partnership with the Lifesaving Society and Red Cross, Camp Couchiching offers semi-private lessons for levels 1-10. Our certified staff team will ensure the development of your child’s swimming skills in Lake Couchiching. For campers attending camp for one month, Cooch offers Bronze levels, Star, Medallion and Cross.  Program Rating: Instructional

Surf – Based out of our swimming waterfront area, “surf” is one of the most popular interest session activities at camp. Providing campers the opportunity to simply play, the sessions are filled with structured and creative water games that challenge campers of all ages and swimming levels. With each day, the Surf program brings campers a new challenge, from Greasy Watermelon to Baby Duck Water Polo, Cooch kids love to “Surf”.  Program Rating: Recreational

Sailing – Lake Couchiching is a great place for your child to learn and develop their skills in sailing. Couchiching, translated into English, means “lake of many winds”. It is the wind, accompanied by our fleet of sailboats, that provide an exciting  and challenging program for our Intermediates, Seniors, and Leadership campers. In cooperation with the Ontario Sailing Association, campers work toward obtaining their levels from White Sail to Bronze.  Program Rating: Instructional

Windsurfing – Known as one of our most challenging water sports, windsurfing is available exclusively to Senior Campers and second year Leadership Candidates. Small class sizes and an emphasis on technique ensures that campers go home with a better understanding of all points of sail, an enjoyment of the sport in general and a drive to continue.  Program Rating: Instructional

Canoeing – The extreme sport of the past, canoeing is the most traditional of all our watercraft sessions. Following the guidelines set out by the Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association (ORCA), Cooch offers sessions and skill development for both new paddlers and the seasoned pros.  Program Rating: Instructional

Kayaking – For those who enjoy ultimate control of their watercraft, kayaking is certainly a highlight. Our experienced staff will teach a wide range of skills. From basic paddle technique to advanced rolling skills, campers who enroll in Kayaking will have lots of room to grow. For campers more skilled and developed, who are able to effectively roll their boats, a day trip to the Gull River is offered towards the end of the session, providing campers the opportunity to “shoot the river”.  Program Rating: Instructional

Adventure – For campers seeking new challenges, the adventure program at Cooch revolves around our constantly improving the High Ropes Course and Climbing Wall. Campers will learn rope techniques and safety awareness from our trained and certified climbing staff team. With an emphasis on teamwork and co-operation, each day of Adventure takes on a new challenge for our campers as they navigate each element one day at a time.  Program Rating: Recreational

Turf - An appeal to our land lovers. Turf is an interest session filled with land-based activities, where campers learn and play games which they are not usually exposed to at home or school. With emphasis on creative play, games are creative, challenging and new. Turf takes a non-competitive approach to sport, and is a session for kids who enjoy new challenges and experience without a competiive focus.  Rated: Recreational
Archery  - The tradtiional camp skill of archery is an activity practiced by many at Cooch. Located at the north east end of our site, the Thomspon Archery range is a safe area for campers of any age to develop their accuracy and skill in this target sport. Each day participants are challenged with a new targeting initiative to complete and compete.  Rated: Recreational
Survival - A program designed for campers interested in outdoor exploration and getting dirty, survival challenges campers of all ages. Whether it's animal hunts and river walks or challenges in the forest, survival appeals to the more adventurous of campers.  Rated: Recreational
Outdoor Living Skills - This skill-based interest session is targeted toward our intermediate campers, grades 4 through 6. Each day campers work towards learning and completing tasks of the adventurer. With expertise from our out-tripping department, this program challenges campers to work towards skills that include carving, fire bulding, knot tying, shelter building, as well as various other challenges they may face in the outdoors.  Rated: Instructional
Sports Mania - This program embodies the art of competition. Limited to our Intermediate and Senior campers, this interest session divides campers into two teams early on in the session. In the two weeks that follow, the teams face off against each other in traditional competitive sporting activities. Statistics are tracked and points are tallied; and at the end of each session, one team is awarded the Memphis Bell.  Rated: Instructional
Racquet Sports - This recreational program supports skill development in Tennis, Badminton, and Ping Pong.  During the session, campers learn the rules surrounding these racquet sports, and are challenged to develop their skills in specific sports of interest through drills and stroke techniques.  Rated: Recreational

Arts & Crafts - In the Arts and Crafts program at Cooch, campers are encouraged to be creative while making a wide variety of camp crafts.  Based out of our new Arts and Creativity Center (ACC), arts and crafts is an interest session designed for campers of all ages who are seeking a wide range of creative projects throughout their time at camp, whether it be candle making or seed beading.  Rated: Recreational
Fine Arts - Fine Arts is a program for the more advanced artists in our community.  Focusing on the finer arts, and lead by our Arts Director, artistic campers will learn and develop various techniques ranging from water colours to charcoaling and pastels.  At the end of each session, an art expo is held where their work is displayed for all of camp to see.  Rated: Instructional
Performance Arts - Perfect for the outgoing attention seekers, each participant in this interest session works toward a performance of choice during the "Cooch Follies" talent night.  During the month of July, campers who are more seriously into performance can choose to take part in the camp's musical, which is announced in the spring of each year.  From front stage to back stage and everything in between, kids learn what it's like to work in theatre. Rated: Recreational
Dance - Appealing to campers of all levels of ability, the dance instructors at Cooch work toward the completion of two routines with their classes each session.  Set to the rhythm of jazz, hip hop, and modern music, the dance program is a fun and fast paced activity for campers of all ages. Rated: Recreational
Amateur Film - For children interested in the production and creation of film, instructors challenge campers to create a short film each session.  From story boards to DVD production and all roles in between, this is a program for kids to create a piece to present to the masses at the end of the session.  Rated: Recreational
Photography - This program is designed for the shutterbugs that come to camp.  Campers in each session are taught about digital photography.   Rated: Recreational
Journalism - Learn the techniques of investigative reporting used by the pros, or interview your favourite Cooch Games athletes.  Gain access to places you've never seen before with the help of your "All-Access Press" badge, but don't reveal your sources.  This program has a little something for anyone who enjoys the discovery of a hot scoop.  Rated: Recreational
Guitar - Learn to strum like Craig Smith in our very own rock n' rollin' guitar program.  Whether you already know a couple of songs, or you are brand new to the instrument, this program is right for you.  Taught by our very own mariachis, your child will learn everything from power chords to finger-picking.  So pick up your axe and start jammin' like a real rock star would.  Rated: Instructional