01. tour camp couchiching
02. what will i eat?
03. where will i sleep?
04. is there tuck...what is tuck?
05. what will a typical day be at camp?
06. what activities does Cooch offer?
07. hear what other kids have to say about camp
08. camp photos & slideshow
09. faq
10. upcoming weekend camps

What Kids Say About Camp Cooch

Camp Couch made my summer the best one I have ever had and I am 17 years old!"
-Second Year Leadership Candidate

"Camp this summer was the best experience of my life. I loved sleeping in cabins with others because it gave me more opportunities to talk with them and learn more about them. This summer I plan to come back as a counselor."
-Second Year Leadership Candidate

"I love going to Camp Couchiching because there is always something new to look forward to."
-Intermediate Camper

"I think that Camp Couchiching is amazing"
-Junior Camper

"I Love it"
- Senior Camper

The Camp Management team was delighted to find this Facebook group created by a senior girl after her session at camp:

'You Know You Attend Camp Couch When…'

Here's what some of the kids had to add:

'You Know You Attend Camp Couch When…'

"You have had fried granola on out-trip"
"You're late for something and your excuse is "There was no warning bell!"
"You can't wait to come back next year"
"Instead of calling gymp "gymp", you call it "Coochie String"
"You are camp-sick for a few days after you return home"
"You always bring something nice to wear on banquet"
"You eat, sleep and breathe your Cooch games team...ESPPPPECIALLY DURING Cooch games"
"You know that tuck is used like currency."
"You know what to do when you hear someone say "campfire"
"The friends you meet at camp are never forgotten..."