01. tour camp couchiching
02. what will i eat?
03. where will i sleep?
04. is there tuck...what is tuck?
05. what will a typical day be at camp?
06. what activities does Cooch offer?
07. hear what other kids have to say about camp
08. camp photos & slideshow
09. faq
10. upcoming weekend camps

An Experience Like No Other

Welcome to Couchiching!

What is Camp Cooch all about? Take a group of up to 180 kids, add about 80 staff members (most of whom have been campers at Cooch) and put them together during the summer. What you'll get when you arrive at camp is a fun, supportive and exciting place to spend time this summer.

Cooch is located on a Lake Couchiching and has tons of water and land games to play. As a place for kids, you choose how your day will go and what activities you will take part in.  We're just over an hour from Toronto, and brag of having not very many bugs, and the warmest lake in Ontario!

We have 4 activity periods each day as well as "Options" which is free time before dinner. (Check out our typical day to see exactly how the day works) Our food is great, our cabins are comfy, and every camper has two counselors who watch out of them. Most of our cabins have 8-10 campers inside, so making friends is easy.

Cooch is Challenge by Choice, which means at camp, we want you to challenge yourself to experience new things at a pace that is comfortable for you. Once you arrive you will quickly learn that camp is a world unlike anywhere. It's a place where kids, fun and happiness make our community.