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Many of our camp staff are 3rd generation campers who learned Leadership Skills right here.

Activities at Outdoor Centre

With our qualified and safety focused staff team members, we host all kinds of activities. Some of these are "led" or "taught" during Interest Session time and other activities are part of a session at camp or available for campers to self-select during transition times around camp.

On the Water


Surf – Based out of our swimming waterfront area, “surf” is one of the most popular interest session activities at camp. Providing groups with the opportunity to simply play, the sessions are filled with structured and creative water games that challenge campers of all ages and swimming levels. Weather it is Greasy Watermelon or Baby Duck Water Polo, our campers love “Surf”.


Canoeing – The extreme sport of the past, canoeing is the most traditional of all our watercraft sessions. Following the guidelines set out by the Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA), we offer sessions and skill development for both new paddlers and the seasoned pros.


Kayaking – For those who enjoy ultimate control of their watercraft, kayaking is certainly a highlight. Our experienced staff will teach a wide range of skills. From basic paddle technique to advanced rolling skills, campers who enroll in Kayaking will have lots of room to grow.


Bic Boarding - A Camp Couchiching exclusive here people! Campers of all ages love to take out our retired windsurfing boards and play on them. They are fairly tippy so the campers are in the water as much as on the board. They're meant to be played on with multiple campers on each.

On Land


High Ropes Course - We have 2 different courses at camp with over 6 elements. Some are meant to challenge the individual and others are for the student and a partner. This program is supervised by trained staff and students wear helmets and harnesses.

Aerial Park – Our newest addition in 2019 allows students to choose a variety of ways on their own or with a partner to go up and challenge to the level they've set a goal for! There are lots of different fun routes to go up. This program is supervised by trained staff and students wear helmets and harnesses.

Climbing Wall- Campers will learn rope techniques and safety awareness from our trained and certified climbing staff team. There are multiple routes ranging from super easy to really difficult but all are safe. Students choose their challenge. This program is supervised by trained staff and students wear helmets and harnesses.


Turf - An appeal to our land lovers. Turf is an interest session filled with land-based activities, where campers learn and play games which they are not usually exposed to at home or school. With emphasis on creative play, games are creative, challenging and new. Turf takes a non-competitive approach to sport, and is a session for kids who enjoy new challenges and experience without a competitive focus.


Archery - The traditional camp skill of archery is an activity practiced by many. Our Archery range is a safe area for campers of any age to develop their accuracy and skill in this target sport. Each day participants are challenged with a new targeting initiative to complete and compete.


Outdoor Living Skills - Campers work towards learning and completing tasks of the adventurer. This program challenges campers to work towards skills that include carving, fire building, knot tying, shelter building, as well as various other challenges they may face in the outdoors.

Escape Room - Camp is in jeopardy of being shut down! We need your help and team-working skills to solve the puzzles, riddles, and clues necessary to free yourself from the offices of the head honchos. But don’t get caught! You’ll only have one hour to solve the puzzles and save camp!


Surf & Turf This program brings the best activities that you can do with water to the land! Surf & Turf will put a smile on everyones face! Based in one of our open fields you will get to participate in many of your favourite water based games. With extreme twists on slip n slides, water fights, and relay races that are exclusive to Camp Couchiching you will go back to your cabin wanting more.


Low Ropes/Initiatives - In this highly interactive activity you get to work together as a team, experience new challenges and games, and grow together! Whether it's down at low ropes or in a field together, you will all learn how to be a cohesive team. 


Geocaching - Try your hand at using a GPS to find your way around our miniature geocaching course. Make sure you're listening to instructions because there is a surprise at the end that will be worth all of the walking! 


Arts & Crafts - In the Arts and Crafts program, campers are encouraged to be creative while making a wide variety of camp crafts.  Based out of the Arts and Creativity Center (ACC), arts and crafts is an interest session designed for groups who are seeking a wide range of creative projects, whether it be a nature based project, tie dye, or friendship bracelet making.

Drama - Perfect for the outgoing attention seekers, each participant will get the chance to experience the excitement and rewards of theater arts while developing social skills, confidence, and the ability to work with others. All of this while playing fun improvisational games and developing wacky stories from scratch.

Non-Structured/Non-Scheduled/Teacher Supervised Activities (For everyone!)


Ping Pong - We bet you've never played ping pong outside! Here at Camp Couchiching you can play ping pong outside no matter the weather. Challenge your friends to a double tournament, or just play for fun with one other person. We have 4 tables with plenty of rackets and ping pong balls to go around. 


Basketball - Grab a ball from the ball bin and challenge your friends to a camp classic - bump, or just come and shoot some hoops to improve your skills! Our outdoor basketball court is here for you to enjoy during your free time (or during specific activities) with your friends. We have two nets, and all the necessary lines for your favourite games, plus some great bleachers to watch all the action from.


Chess - Giant outdoor chess?! Sign me up! 


Tether Ball - Pick from one of three sand courts to play this classic game with your friends.

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Beach Volleyball - Feel like joining a tournament with other campers and staff? Want to practice your serves? This is the perfect spot to practice, play, or compete! Our beach volleyball court is ready for anything! 


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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

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