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Many of our camp staff are 3rd generation campers who learned Leadership Skills right here.

Booking Details for the Outdoor Centre


The Camp Couchiching Outdoor Centre is open in the spring from early May until the third week in June and in the fall from after Labour Day until late October. We are not open in the Winter and aren't available to host other groups in late June until after Labour Day weekend.

We have many loyal and returning groups who get first priority on bookings however we are always open to welcoming new groups to our community.


Our camp can hold over 200 people however during Outdoor Centre in the Spring we book around 175 spots and in the Fall we book around 100 spots as a maximum. Many schools come on their own but we reserve the right to book multiple schools at the same time.

Rates & Financial Policies:

  • Our group minimum is 30 participants per group and we charge on a per night basis for mid-week and on a per weekend basis for weekend groups.
  • Groups are only secured in our bookings upon receipt of deposit and a completed contract is received.
  • Teachers/supervisors/group coordinators are free at a 1:10 ratio.
  • The majority of our mid-week school trips are 2-nights/3-days. We generally book Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday. There is limited availability for 4-day/3-night trips.
  • Our mid-week Outdoor Centre Program for Spring 2021 group rates are:
    • 1-night stays are $90/student/night inclusive* (*see note re: taxation at the bottom)
    • 2-night stays are $88/student/night inclusive*
    • 3-night+ stays are $86/student/night inclusive*
  • Our mid-week Outdoor Centre Program for Fall 2020 group rates are:
    • 1-night stays are $91/student/night inclusive* (*see note re:taxation at the bottom)
    • 2-night stays are $89/student/night inclusive*
    • 3-night+ stays are $87/student/night inclusive*
  • Day programs are available at $30* with lunch or $22* without lunch.
  • Weekend rates are $110* per person for site rental with a minimum $3000 booking (approximately 30 people) which includes meals and 5 hours of camp staff led activities throughout the weekend. Whether or not taxes are charged are based on the age of the participants.
  • Cancellation "insurance" can be purchased at the time of payment of the deposit only. It is $5/student total regardless of the length of trip. Purchasing this insurance allows the group to cancel with a full refund at any time. Insurance has to be purchased for your entire group or none of them. We will no longer offer partial group insurance.
  • If the cancellation insurance is not purchased then the group's deposit is held by Camp Couchiching for one year from the date of cancellation. It can be transferred to another group, school, board but not refundable.
  • If your school wants exclusive use of our camp for your group, you must bring over 120 people.
  • *Taxation Notes- Camp Couchiching is exempt from charging tax to our Outdoor Centre groups when our camp staff don't provide 24 hours of supervision and when the majority of the group population is 14 years of age or younger. This exemption is from the Canadian Revenue Agency. We do have to charge HST at a rate of 13% for secondary school students &/or adult groups.
  • NEW 2020! Payments for groups must be made in the following order:
    1. To book your dates we must have a deposit of $1000 (unless otherwise noted in your contract),
    2. 2 months before your trip we require 50% of your payment using your expected numbers. This means: 
      • Trips occurring in May must pay the 50% by March
      • Trips occurring in June must pay the 50% by April
      • Trips occurring in September must pay the 50% by July
      • Trips occurring in October must pay the 50% by August
    3. On the first day of your trip we require you to pay the remainder of the trip. Groups not following this payment plan could risk their dates not being confirmed &/or be subjected to a carrying cost of $100/group/year for not following our required payment guideline.Please ensure your school secretaries and administration knows that you require this payment.
  • New for 2020! If your school/group misses this timeline for payment, then Camp Couchiching will charge your group $100 for every 20 business days your payment is late whether it is from the 50% payment &/or the Final payment. We are a charity and require your payments to help our organization pay bills!

Booking Timelines:

  1. Step One: Returning groups are offered similar dates for a similar sized group the following year and we hold that space for the group. For Spring Groups, we hold those spaces until mid-October so there is time to get the deposit arranged and the contract signed and returned to us. For Fall Groups, we hold those spaces until mid-February. We reserve the right to move or cancel available dates however we will work with returning groups to find some other suitable dates.
  2. Step Two: Groups requesting to expand their group size or move dates will be considered for 2 weeks after the Step One deadline (For Spring this is until the end of October, For Fall this is until start of March). Completed contracts and deposits are required to secure these modified dates/group size.
  3. Step Three: New groups are only considered after early November for Spring bookings or early March for Fall bookings.

Once a group is booked, we work with the Teacher/Group Coordinator to do the following:

  1. Choose programs and figure out the size of the program groups (groups are typically 20 people but may vary +/- 5)
  2. Obtain gender breakdowns for students/participants and adults so we can assign accommodation
  3. Work together to know the dietary concerns and restrictions
  4. Gather the times for arrival and departure so the schedules can be set
  5. Book a presentation if the group is new to our camp &/or the school is bringing more than 2 classes of students. Presentations must be booked from January to April.

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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

Camp Couchiching since 1946
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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

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