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Many of our camp staff are 3rd generation campers who learned Leadership Skills right here.

Parent Information for Summer Camps

Every parent wants to be sure they are making good decisions for their children. From the food to the activities to campfire, Camp Couchiching has it covered...  and most importantly your child will have FUN!

We've been running this camp since 1946, we've learned many things over those years and we continue to be open to learning, growing and improving! Campers should have an opportunity to learn, to make new friends, to try things that they would never be able to try at home: and that all of that needs to take place in a safe, comfortable environment, Our staff is qualified and experienced. Many of of our team members are previous campers who return year after year to help our younger campers to develop and grow through our offered programs.

Learn more about the Camp Couchiching experience by following the links below.

   The 3 Big Questions Parents Ask

What will my camper eat? Where will my camper sleep? Will my camper be safe?


Camp Couchiching offers a full slate of activities that are safe, fun and focused on skill development.

   Features of Our Site & Facility

A map of the site with details for parents

   Food Services (nom, nom, nom)

Here is all our details on meals and snacks. With special focus on being inclusive, we strive to cater to many special diets.

   Campership Program Subsidies

Camp Couchiching is pleased to offer some subsidy to families who need extra financial support.

   A Typical Overnight Summer Camp Day

Here's what your child will be up to during their Camp Couchiching adventure. Each day is different, but we also believe in having a routine that is easily understood by campers.

   The Pathways Program- Special Needs

Camp Couchiching is the proud founder of Pathways, a program designed to fully integrate children with special needs through assistance and guidance of one-on-one and team support.

   What Parents Say About Camp Couchiching

It's always rewarding when we hear our campers' parents talk about what Camp Couchiching means to their children and why

   Frequent Questions (FAQ)

Quick answers to some of the top questions from parents

   What's Next? We Have Registered So What Happens Now?

Post-registration details for camp

   Family Information Packages- Your Guide to Getting Ready


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Camp Couchiching since 1946
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Couchiching Community Initiative
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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

Camp Couchiching since 1946
Couchiching Community Initiative
Outdoor Center Logo
Learn More About Us

"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

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