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Many of our camp staff are 3rd generation campers who learned Leadership Skills right here.

Hear From Other Parents


Our end of season feedback from the Fall of 2019 taught us that 98.2% of families would recommend us to someone else and that is about the same percentage of people who are planning on returning in 2020!

Here is what some parents have to say:

"Camp Couchiching is our camp of choice because our daughter will not only make memories and friends for a summer but a lifetime."

"Camp Couchiching has been a highlight in my child's life during some very tough years. It has a hugely beneficial effect on her self esteem."

"My kids always have an amazing time at Couchiching. They love their counsellors, the activities and the time spent outdoors. I really appreciate the increased independence and responsibility my children exhibit upon their return from camp"

"My daughter told me that "Camp Couchiching is the happiest place on earth.""

"Really impressed by the dining hall and washrooms! Camp looks and feels great"

"It has been an awesome experience for our daughter and for us as her parents; as we know that her needs get met there and (we) can truly enjoy a well deserved break."

"It was recommended by good friends and our son can be himself at camp. He has grown, matured, become more empathetic from all the social learning that has taken place at Cooch. He feels valued and has been given the opportunity to give back to others. He has come home a more confident and independent person from a monthlong stay at camp."

"We all love the camp, it is a great experience for the kids and I never worry knowing they are having a great time - thank you. The counselors are all fantastic!"

"The safety, friendliness and helpfulness of the camp staff looking after my daughter over 4+ years. It is genuine not snobby....thankyou so very much...."

"As parents, we find that Cooch is well organized, and we have trust in the maturity of the counselors and oversight of the staff."

"Camp has been excellent for all three of my children. I really like the inclusive atmosphere. Especially having a child with Down Syndrome. This camp has taught all of my children good values, good fun, and they say they have a warm feeling about the camp. Thanks for all your hard work. Camp Couch means a lot to our family."

"Your staff take the time to get to know all the kids by name which is so cool. It is like one big family and your staff are like visiting their favorite cousins. You bring out the best in the campers."


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Camp Couchiching since 1946
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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

Camp Couchiching since 1946
Couchiching Community Initiative
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Learn More About Us

"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

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