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Many of our camp staff are 3rd generation campers who learned Leadership Skills right here.

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What is the Camp Couchiching Learning Centre? 

The Camp Couchiching Learning Centre Mission is to provide educational, social, and nature-based learning opportunities for children that inspire personal growth, connection and a positive relationship with learning.  

The Couchiching Learning Centre uses a nature-based education model that focuses on play-based and experiential learning in the natural spaces at Camp Couchiching. This model is similar to a Forest School, in that it uses natural spaces and materials as the main learning tools for the students, and it aligns with grade-appropriate content. Students will engage in hands-on learning rich with adventures, challenges and experiences, inspiring personal growth, connections, and a new relationship with their learning. 

Junior Adventurers 

  • For students born in 2014 - 2017 (4 - 7 Years Old)

  • 8:30 AM - 5 PM

  • Program Dates: Wednesdays:

    • Winter Session-  January 18 - February 22, $355
    • Early Spring Session- March 29 - May 3, $355

*Junior Adventurers must be fully toilet trained prior to the Program start date. In case of an accident, the Educators will help them. However, the student should be confident in their ability to make it to a washroom. The Camp Couchiching Learning Centre cannot accept students that are wearing diapers.  

The Junior Adventurers will spend the day learning and playing outside at the 20 acres of camp property at Camp Couchiching with access to an indoor space at the Community Hub designed as a nature-inspired classroom. The program is designed for students to learn together by exploring their surroundings, while engaging in play-based and experiential learning. Age-appropriate learning connections will be made to the Ontario curriculum as they emerge from their daily adventures exploring the natural spaces and playing with natural materials and loose parts. 

Active Adventurers 

  • For students born in 2009 - 2013 (8 - 12 Years Old) 

  • 8:30 AM - 5 PM
  • Program Dates: Thursdays:

    • Winter Session- January 19 - February 23, $355
    • Early Spring Session- March 29 - May 3, $355

The Active Adventurers students will spend every Thursday learning, exploring and making connections while exploring the 20-acre Camp Couchiching Property and the nature-inspired indoor classroom at the Community Hub. Students will be encouraged to explore, ask questions, problem-solve, be challenged by the natural spaces, free-play and sensory discovery. Age-appropriate learning connections will be made to the Ontario curriculum as they emerge from their daily adventures and experiences. 


  • For Adventurers born 2016 - 2020 (1-5 Years Old) and 1 Adult 

  • 9 AM - 12 PM

  • Start Dates: Fridays:

    • Program dates for 2023 will be posted here when available. No current sessions are available

This is a program for one adult/parent and one child program at camp for half a day with a variety of self-guided program options. We ask for one adult to accompany your curious Mini Adventurers as they explore sections of the camp tailored to their age and stage of learning. We believe that positive interactions with nature in their early years of life can open a lifelong relationship with the natural world.

March Break with the Camp Couchiching Learning Centre

Monday March 13 through to Friday March 17, 2023

Children from ages 4 - 11 (born in 2010 - 2018) are invited to join us for the 5 weekdays of March Break for FULL days of nature-based play, outdoor activities and learning, and exploring the 20 acre property. It is going to be an exciting week as the seasons change from winter to spring (almost!)! Drop off and Pick Up will be at the Camp Couchiching Community Hub (6536 Rama Rd, in Longford Mills). The program begins at 8:30 a.m. each day and ends at 5 p.m. Campers bring their own lunches and snacks.
Cost: $284/camper (tax exempt)
2022 sneak peak.png

Adventure Days! PD Day Experiences with the Camp Couchiching Learning Centre

The Camp Couchiching Learning Centre will be hosting an Adventure Day during the 2022/2023 Public and Catholic SCDSB PD Days for students aged 4-11.

Join us for a day full of nature-based play, outdoor learning and exploring the 20 acre property of Camp Couchiching on:


  • Registration Fees for 2022/2023 Public School Year will be announced at a later date (no tax required)
  • Hours of Operation are 8:30 - 5 PM.

Group Size/Cohorts

Cohorts are a maximum of 15 students. We will not exceed this number to ensure personalized learning and experiences. Cohorts are specific to age ranges and may be organized further within their cohort to promote positive social interaction and learning. The parent and child opportunity on Fridays has a maximum of 30 spaces and families are expected to utilize camp within any and all social distancing regulations. 

COVID Considerations & Safety Measures:

The Camp Couchiching Learning Centre operates in accordance with all local, provincial and federal COVID-19 guidelines. We will adapt programs as necessary and, along with the families and participants, we will do our part to help ensure a safe learning environment for all participants. 

*Please see our Parent Handbook for more information: CLICK HERE (link to PDF) 

Sample of Daily Schedule

Please note that the schedule will be flexible, based upon weather, emergent interest of the students, and any special events.   

8:30 AM    Arrival

8:45 AM    Welcome Circle and Sharing 

9:30 AM    Small Group Discovery 

10:15 AM  Snack and Storytime/Reading 

10:30 AM  Whole Class Free Play and Discovery Time 

11:30 AM  Lunch  (participants bring their own)

12:15 PM  Small Group Low Energy Activity 

12:45 PM  Whole Class Free Play and Discovery Time 

1:45 PM    Educator's Lesson of the Day 

2:45 PM    Closing Circle and Reflection Activity

3:15 PM    Prepare for Parent/Guardian Pick Up or After Care

3:30 PM    Pick Up or After Care Begins (5 PM for PA Adventure Days)


What to Bring

  • Appropriate clothing for weather conditions (see Appropriate Clothing List in the Parent Handbook)

  • An extra set of any clothing (socks, underwear, pants, shirt, sweater labelled in a Zip Lock to be kept at the Community Hub if needed).

  • Packed Lunch, snacks and water bottle. 

    • Please bring the water bottle filled each morning. 

    • We recommend bringing protein-rich foods and at least two snacks. 

    • There is a microwave available, however we ask that it is not depended on daily. 

    • Students will not be allowed to share/swap any food.

    • We recommend using containers that can be easily opened by your child.

    • Camp Couchiching is a nut-aware place. Please do not pack any food that may contain nuts/tree nuts. 

  • Students should NOT bring cell phones or electronics. Educators will be readily available for parents throughout the day and parents will be communicated with and updated regularly through use of technology by Educators only.  

*Please see our Parent Handbook for more information: CLICK HERE (link to PDF) Including more details on the type of clothing needed for different seasons and weather.

*Have an interested student? Feel free to share our Student Handbook with them as well! CLICK HERE (link to PDF) for more student centered information to help get them excited for the program!

For more information or application inquiries email: learningcentre@campcouchiching.com

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If you have other questions, please message Hilary Villneff, our Director of Learning, hilary@campcouchiching.com or call 705 325 3428 (please note that you will have to leave a message and your call will be returned).

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We are very grateful for the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation in all of the programs listed above.



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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

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