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Many of our camp staff are 3rd generation campers who learned Leadership Skills right here.

Camp_Couchiching_Learning_Centre_-_Transparent_Background[1].pngA small community of students and expert facilitators that value a unique and collaborative learning environment. We balance experiential learning with engaging, active time outdoors.

Our on-line application is at the bottom of this page. Please scroll down.

Camp Couchiching is proud to present our supportive environment for on-line learners who will be enrolled in Grades 3-7 starting September, 2020. We have a maximum of 15 learners in our program.

Families will sign their student(s) up for online learning through their student's school board however instead of doing their "lessons" at home they will do them at one of our Camp facilities using the Camp's wifi. If your child is in a specialized stream at school such as enrichment or French Immersion then your remote learning will be adapted through your student's School Board.

When your student isn't in a virtual learning session with their School Board assigned virtual teacher, there will be time & space to play outdoors, be creative, use washrooms, eat lunches/snacks and to work independently on school projects. These additional experiences will support positive physical and mental health for students and will be facilitated by dedicated Camp Couchiching Staff.

Families can choose to join us for the full school year or one of two semesters.

Families can choose from our Traditional day which is 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.* or they can choose our "Flex" schedule which allows arrival at 8 a.m. and departure by 5:30 p.m. *Please note that we don't have the timing of the remote school's beginning and end times so this timing may change as a result but Traditional schedule will be a minimum of 6.5 hours. Our Flex schedule will be 3 hours of additional support each day balanced between earlier mornings and later afternoons.

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We will follow the Simcoe County District School Calendar for holidays and PA days except for the start date. Click here for the most current calendar. The start date will be 3-4 days after virtual school starts in order for your child to build the bond with the new virtual teacher while family members observe. The delay will help us create a stronger success plan for your student so they're not distracted from their first few days of lessons by being in a new place.

During the time before your student starts, we would invite each student and their family to schedule a 1.5 hour of time to come and visit us at The Camp Couchiching Community Hub at 6536 Rama Road. There would be a tour of the Camp Couchiching property, a chance to meet our facilitators, an opportunity to look at your student's work space and to learn insight from the student, and their family, how their virtual classes are progressing in the first few days.

Our Learning Centre is based from two different locations during the year to provide optimal learning environments for your student:

  • October 5- May 7- we will host students at 175 Oxford Street, Orillia. This centrally located spot is great for students as it hosts a community garden, fields and woods. As well as an indoor space with individual learning areas.
  • May 10- June 25- we will host students at 6536 Rama Road, Ramara/Longford Mills and will use the full Camp Couchiching property. This will include opportunities to use our full camp facility which can host up to 300 people but will be available for our students.

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Our Details:

What size is the cohort my student would be in?

At this time, Simcoe Muskoka Public Health has identified that we can have up to 15 students in one cohort so that is the maximum size of our group. We don't have intentions of making it any bigger or adding another, separate, cohort at this time.

What is the staffing ratio?

Our trained and qualified staff overseeing the program would be typically 3 adults for the 15 students. This ratio is during our traditional hours. Flex hour ratios would have 2 staff members.

Staff members review, adapt and translate curriculum expectations into activities as needed during the traditional program day. We will communicate daily with parents based on their students individualized needs, learning outcomes, and experiences.

Our goal is that the majority of your students' work will be completed each day through an experiential learning approach. This means that you student will have a higher quality learning experience and environment, while also saving parents a significant amount of time during evenings and weekends.

Our main educational consultant is David Buddell who is in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers. Dave has been a staff member at Camp Couchiching for decades. He has taught within the Halton District School Board for 20 years in elementary grades and is a valuable support in helping us set up this program and interpreting the school board's insight.

Additional Camp staff will be in the program at various hours to do support like prep, sanitizing, cleaning and organizing.

What will your policy be for mask wearing?

When indoors, masks to be worn by all students and staff and we will work to keep social distancing as well.

Facilitation staff will occasionally need to share a computer or learning resources with students in close proximity but we will ensure we mask and do proper hand sanitizing as well.

There may be an exception to mask wearing for students and this would be during times that your student is interacting virtually with their teacher however our staff will still have masks on during this time and your student will be well away from all other students. We are learning from public health if face shields are required during this time. If they are, we will provide them free of charge.

While outdoors, masks will not be required but social distancing will remain in place for staff and students.

If the Simcoe County School Board changes these policies based on advice from Public Health then we will change along with them or exceed these standards.

The guidelines we are following are the day camp guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health. Click here to review these guidelines.

Will there be frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces including but not limited to door handles, toilet, sinks, etc? Will there be products for my student to wash/sanitize with?

Yes, we will ensure high touch surfaces are wiped down multiple times each day plus other surfaces will be cleaned daily or more as required by public health guidelines.This work will be done by our staff team.

Throughout our two facilities there will be places to wash hands and where there isn't running water for hand washing, there will be hand sanitizer. There will be breaks during the day to ensure proper hand sanitation is performed according to public health standards/guidelines.

If a child has Covid, will the Learning Centre shut down?

We would identify the case to public health immediately and they would tell us what our next steps are which may mean we have to shut down. We will follow the directions of Public Health at all times.

We will work in partnership and open communication with families to help identify the risks and decrease the risks to the community each day.

We will request that families follow pre-arrival screening protocols and we will have screening protocols at arrival. We will use criteria/guidelines, required by the Simcoe County District School Board and the Ministry of Health, to accept or decline acceptance into the Learning Centre. It is important to keep illness out of the Learning Centre and therefore out of your homes. There may be times that we choose to exceed the Simcoe County School Board's and the Ministry of Health's requirements after consultation with Public Health and we will communicate that to our families in a timely manner.

There is no financial discount for days that your student misses school due to exposure to illness, actual illness/wellness, personal reasons or waiting on Covid testing.

If we are directed to shut down for a period of time by public health, and that period of time is more than 1 week, we would consider pro-rating fees and providing a discount for days missed past the 5 day mark.

If the government lowers gathering limits and/or there is a local outbreak so the Learning Centre must reduce our size, priority for the spaces would go first to students registered for the full year of school, followed by students who are paid in full registered by semester then our other students as space is available.

If we are forced to reduce our size due to public health/government restrictions, and there is no longer space for your student(s), we would do a pro-rated refund of your remaining fees paid less the $150 admin fee that was paid at the time of you submitting your application.

If you choose to withdraw your student at any time, there would be the loss of the $150 admin fee plus the loss of the cost equivalent of one month for each student in your family. For families paying month to month, this would be the final month's deposit.

What will the student's work spaces be like?

Students will each have their own independent work space and they are encouraged to personalize it to make it their own. A learning environment has a direct impact on how a student learns. We will facilitate a comfortable area that promotes their individualized learning. All student spaces will be socially distanced from other members of their cohort. Power will be available for the devices the students bring with them.

Students will bring their own devices that they learn on, the power plugs for these devices and a headset for each student which includes a microphone and earphones that can plug into their device.

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What would my student need to bring each day?

  1. We will have as much fresh air flowing throughout the spaces we use which will mean that your student needs clothing to layer on or off as the days grow warm or cool off. We will ensure that temperatures are conducive to optimal learning.
  2. Since we'll be outdoors often, they'll need clothing for all weather including rain, sleet, snow, sun. We will only not go outside if it's thundering  &/or lightning or significant wind warnings. We encourage students to keep a change of clothing with us through the week and we'll send these items home on the last day of each week.
  3. Students will bring their own lunches, snacks and water bottle. Please bring the water bottled filled each morning and then we'll have other water to fill the bottles later in the day. We will send water bottles back to families each day.
  4. Students must bring their computer/tablet and their headsets for learning plus the power cords for these devices (if applicable).
  5. Students are encouraged to NOT bring devices that aren't their learning devices. We'll hold devices such as cell phones, gaming units in a secure spot through the traditional part of the day and then will return them at the end of the day. Families, do not expect to have your student texting during the traditional part of the school dayFor families who choose our Flex schedule, these students can use their own phones and gaming devices appropriately, and as allowed by families, during these hours when we're indoors. Sharing/passing around of these devices won't be allowed and having heads together to look at the same screen won't be allowed either (masked or not).

Where do I drop off and pick up my student? 

Students arrive and depart from the addresses listed above on the dates that our Learning Centre is operating each day. Families can choose to arrange carpooling but please keep in mind that if a student doesn't pass the screening at entry then they'll have to be returned to their family by the person who brought them.

You can add other adults, aged 18+, to your pick up or drop off list at the time of applying or at other times by emailing.

We'll have a phone at the facility we're operating from so you can call in your changes if something occurs last minute. This number will be provided after applications are accepted as registrations. 

What happens if we need to arrive early or pick up late?

If you've chosen the Traditional package and you need to arrive early or leave late, within the Flex package timing, then we grant you that flexibility 4 times each semester. Ideally this is pre-arranged so your student isn't worried. If you request this, and/or it occurs, a 4th time then we'll charge the card you have on file for the Flex program for that month. If you arrive early for start once then late for departure twice then we would count that as 3 times. This will be acted on even if the final time is the last day of the month.

If you've chosen the Flex package then you can expect supervision to be available (doors unlocked, ready to screen/admit) at 8:00 a.m. sharp and then at the end of the day until 5:30 p.m. We don't have flexibility outside these hours unless the school day hours change and then we will still support 3 hours of additional support time blended between early arrival and later departure.

What is the cost of the program?


Traditional Program Hours Only

8:45 a.m.- arrival for 9 a.m. start

3:45 p.m.- departure from 3:30 p.m. finish

Flex Program Hours PLUS Traditional Hours Only

8:00 a.m. earliest arrival

5:30 p.m.- latest departure

2nd or 3rd Student

from Same Household?

Semester One

October 5-

January 29



First student is price listed then a discount of

$75 for all other siblings will be applied.

Semester Two

February 1-

June 25



First student is price listed then a discount of

$75 for all other siblings will be applied.

Full Year

October 5-

June 25



First student is price listed then a discount of

$75/semester for all other siblings can be applied 

if all are applying for the full year

BONUS- Since this is a day program, we are exempt from charging any tax.

Do I have to pay everything at once?

You can pay in a lump sum and save 10% on your fees. For a lump sum payment, we can take credit card or you can pay by e-transfer.

If you don't pay in a lump sum then we can arrange monthly payments installments with your credit card on file which would get processed the first of each month. For the first month, you must pay the first and last month's installments plus the $150 admin fee. For your final month with us, we will use your deposit as the fee so there is no charge that month. E-transfer is not available for monthly installments.

If your monthly payment doesn't go through, you have 2 weeks to rectify the payment with our office. If you don't rectify this, then we will consider your student de-enrolled and will accept another student into our program off our wait list.

Camp Couchiching typically helps subsidize many families for all our programming however with the loss of our Summer Overnight Camp we don't have access to the same funding for subsidies this year for this program.

4 Exp. Cycle CCLC 25%.pngimage3 25%.jpg

Are there minimum numbers?

From our initial post on social media, we heard from a lot of families for our 15 spots. In fact, we are setting up our application to accept wait lists as well.

We do require 8 students registered to be able to afford to run this program however we feel that word of mouth will be so encouraging from all our families that we won't have problems filling our spaces.

If we can't get to 8 students then we'll operate for 4 weeks while trying to fill the spots. Then if we can't get up to 8 students then we will refund your $150 admin fee plus a pro-rated refund of unused days. We will ensure that families have at least 2 weeks notice if we are cancelling to organize other plans.

Click Here to Apply Now

If you have other questions, please message Lexi Haddock, our Outdoor Education Director, lexi@campcouchiching.com or call 705 325 3428 (please note that you will have to leave a message and your call will be returned).


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