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Many of our camp staff are 3rd generation campers who learned Leadership Skills right here.

Please help us out with fundraising, donations & lobbying!

(Scroll to the bottom of this page, below the "help camp now" button, for lobbying insight)


Camp Couchiching's 2020 season is completely closed. We've lost all of our revenue for Spring, Summer and Fall. At this time, there is no ability to earn revenue.

At Camp Couchiching, we plan on roaring back with a "best ever" 2021 season which is also our 75th Anniversary.

We do need your help though. We have fundraising and advocacy opportunities!

The loss of our season leaves us without enough revenue to move things forward this year. Annual expenses include water testing, insurance, environmental compliance, payments for our database, safety inspections, staff development, and various association fees. We require fundraising efforts as well as government subsidies to come back strong for our 75th season in 2021.

If you can, please donate funds for our camp &/or help us lobby the government for support for Summer Overnight Camps. Day Camps have been affected too but not to the same extent that our Overnight Camp has been.

Because we are a registered charity we are able to send charitable donation receipts for cash or product donations to reflecting your generosity!


Here are some ways you can raise money on our behalf or support fundraisers:

  1. Some workplaces offer donation matching programs, we have raised approximately $20,000 this way already! Ask your employer to see if your workplace has this type of offering. In most cases you'll only need to provide a donation receipt to be eligible.
  2. Host an an online or virtual event and request that people donate through your event in exchange for "entry". Then donate what you raised to Camp Couchiching on behalf of your donors/supporters. An example of this would be the volunteer-hosted Alumni Cooch Games in May/June which raised $4,000. What ideas do you have? A freezie stand? An online trivia game? Donations to Camp in lieu of your gifts? Anything goes!
  3. Purchase from our 2020 clothing and merch e-store:  http://www.positiveidentity.com/couchichingcampers/
  4. Purchase items from our arts & design collective e-store: https://thecouchichingcollective.threadless.com/
  5. Buy masks or name labels through Mabel's Labels and we get a percentage of that https://mabelslabels.ca/ (once you're in then click "Support a Fundraiser" then type in Camp Couchiching to support our fundraiser)
  6. Donate a product or service for our Virtual Silent Auction for late October. This will be held on Facebook from October 15-29. We have a great lineup of products so far!
  7. If you don't have a lump sum to donate but can afford to donate a bit each month. Reach out and we can set that up.
  8. Have a good lead on a service or product we can use for a Silent Auction? We're planning an on-line silent auction in the Fall. Please connect us to products or services that we can have people "bid" on to help raise money for the Camp.
  9. Do you have a great idea for us? Let us know and we'll promote it here!

Our Goal is $175,000

Amounts Raised To Date:

  • June 3: $5,000 (Raised mostly through Alumni Donations)
  • June 11:$28,000 (Raised mostly through Parent Donations)
  • July 14: $43,000 (Combo of Parent/Family Donations & Alumni Donations)
  • Sept 21: $68,000 (Same sources of last post)

Help Camp Now

(To save money, we've created a donation portal within our camp database instead of buying other software. If you have applied to anything at camp the past few years then you have an account. If you don't wish to create an account, please contact our admin team at info@campcouchiching.com or 705 325 3428 to do a donation in a different manner)


Here are ways that you can help us lobby the government for more support for Overnight Camps and campaigns that we're working on:

  1. Most effective as this shows you care to spend time to write a letter and get it into the mail- Send a letter to the Camp's MP, Bruce Stanton, Simcoe North. Try to keep it to one page and reflect your personal experience. Click here for a template that you can customize.
  2. Effective as this shows you care enough to take some time to send an email- Send an email to the Camp's MP, Bruce Stanton, Simcoe North. Click here for our email template that you can cut/paste/customize.
  3. Share our social media posts that have #supportforcamps 

We're not doing petitions at this time as our lobbying experts have said that those show up once at an office. It's better to have a flurry of communication rather than one communication with multiple names.


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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

Camp Couchiching since 1946
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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

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