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Many of our camp staff are 3rd generation campers who learned Leadership Skills right here.

Leadership Development Program (LDP)

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Please look at the bottom of the page for additional application steps for the Leadership Development Programs (LDP)

Leadership Development Program Level 1


(L1 or LDP1) - Hard Skill Training

Minimum Age: 15 (as of December 31, 2018)
Rate: $3515 + tax

  • July LDP1 - Sunday June 30- Friday July 26
  • August LDP1 - Sunday July 28- Friday August 23

The Leadership 1 program focuses on challenging participants in all aspects of outdoor adventure.  The month revolves around candidates working toward their certificate levels in swimming  (Bronze Cross/Medallion) sailing (White Sail/Bronze Levels), lakewater canoeing (ORCKA), First Aid and CPR (taught through the Red Cross).  A big draw to the one-month program is the legendary 6-day, 7-night excursion to Temagami, where participants are challenged on a canoe trip exceeding 100 km.  The program builds character, self esteem, and provides a memorable month kids will take with them forever. This program may be eligible for the PAD30, Healthy Active Living, Ontario secondary school credit depending on the number of participants registered for this program. This program could lead candidates to be qualified for the LDP2 program in 2019.

Leadership Development Program Level 2


(L2 or LDP2) - Leader in Training

Minimum Age: 16 (as of December 31, 2018)
Rate: $3345 + tax

  • July LDP1 - June 30-July 26
  • August LDP1 - July 28-August 23

The Leadership 2 program promotes the ideals of leadership in life, challenging candidates to have a positive impact within both the camp and community. Throughout the month, candidates work together within the L2 group as well as divided throughout the camp and community. Leadership sessions are prepared and presented by the Leadership department, and senior camp staff. The program also includes a short term live-out cabin placement, a 4-day/3-night canoe trip mid-month, obtaining their NLS (National Lifeguard Service), a short term interest session placement, and various programming challenges and problem solving skills to identify and overcome. This program may be eligible for the PLF4M, Recreation & Healthy Active Living Leadership, Ontario secondary school credit depending on the number of participants registered for the program. 

How to Apply to LDP

Your family will log in following our traditional procedures to apply, see link at the bottom of this webpage, however our Leadership Programs have some extra steps.

When entering the on-line application, parent/guardians will use their email as the account log in. Within this application, you will request the programs and choose additional items such as bus, etc. Then you will head into the forms part of the application. Within that area, there is a basic LDP form for both programs and a medical form that needs to be completed by the parent/guardians.

This is where the processes for each year of leadership differ:

  1. LDP1 (1st year) applicants will receive a pop up digital form within the on-line application for the applicant to fill in (no parents completing this part please).
  2. LDP2 (2nd year) applicants must submit a 750-word essay outlining their interest in the program and any skills that he/she possess that will contribute positively to the LDP2 program. The essay should be sent directly to Oona at: oona.ashmore@campcouchiching.com

The final part for both years of leadership is the payment screen. Payment of a deposit must accompany the on-line application unless the family is applying for a campership/subsidy.

Leadership programs are not first-come/first-serve and are openly accepted for everyone until the first round of applications are completed. The first round is those applications received by 11:30 p.m on Saturday December 15, 2018. After this time, all applications are reviewed by the camp director, and spaces are allotted accordingly. Placement is allotted based on camper interest, history at camp, and outside experience by the individual. Everyone is welcome to apply, as no factors outweigh others and all applications will be reviewed. After the deadline passes, placement will occur on a first come-first served based on suitability for the programs and IF space is available.

Click here to apply on-line today!


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Camp Couchiching since 1946
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"Excellence in camping, fostering individual growth, within an inclusive community."

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