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Rates and Dates

Camper Sessions - Summer 2017
(On-line registration should open by December 1, 2016)
Two Week Sessions
Ages: 6 to 15 (must be in this age range on December 31, 2017)
Rate: $1579+ tax (eligible for 10% discount if application & full payment received by December 21, 2016)
  • Session 1 - July 2 to 14
  • Session 2 - July 16 to 28
  • Session 3 - July 30 to August 11
  • Session 4 - August 13 to 25
Traditional two week sessions divide campers into sections (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior- see bottom of this page for grade breakdowns) then into cabins according to gender and age.  Offering kids very much of a "choose your own experience", campers in the program pre select two activities of personal interest, and in doing so, shape their typical day at Cooch. Two others will be selected once the campers arrive to allow each camper the opportunity to participate in programs with their new found friends. Each session offers a mix of activities based on cabins, sections, teams, and full camp group divisions.  Intermediate and Senior campers are also given the option when registering to participate in a one or two day out-trip (based on section).  The two week program finishes with a two day Cooch Games competition where campers are divided by family into one of Cedar, Pine, Spruce or Birch teams in an epic Olympic activity.
Month Camps
Ages: 9 to 15 (must be in this age range on December 31, 2017)
Rate: $2990+ tax (eligible for 10% discount if application & full payment received by December 21, 2016)
  • July Camp - July 2 to 28
  • August Camp - July 30 to August 25
With the constantly increasing interest in the four week programs at Cooch, our month camp bridges two traditional sessions, allowing campers more variety in activities, and the opportunity to excel further in activities of their choice.  In addition to all options of the two week program, month campers have the opportunity to take advanced swim levels (Bronze Med - 13 yrs, and Cross 15 yrs)  Mid month, campers will enjoy the specialized changeover program, taking campers outside of camp to particpate in a wide variety of outdoor adventures, different than any other offered at camp.  (Unfortunately, during these changeover times, we cannot guarantee to be dietarily nut-free).  For more information on Month programs, out-trip opportunities or changeover programs, please call the camp office. 
One Week Short Stay Experience
Ages: 5 to 13 (must be in this age range on December 31, 2017)
Rate: $775+ tax  (New lower rate than 2016! Incentivized fee for short stay campers!)
  • Session 5 - August 27 to September 1,2017
The one week program at Cooch is an introduction to camp designed to provide campers the opportunity to participate in all programs and activities offered here.  Throughout the week, in place of interest sessions, campers travel within their cabin group from activity to activity and attempt each program at Cooch once.  Each day during options, campers are then given the opportunity to futher participate in activities of their choice.  The week is a condensed version of our two week program which includes many of the highlights of the Camp Cooch experience including wide games, regatta, and the Cooch Games.  Out-tripping is not offered for campers attending camp for only one week.  Campers signing up for a one week experience do not have to select interest sessions.
 Leadership Development Program (LDP)
(Where future leaders come first)
 Acceptance into all Summer Camp leadership programs is by a application only:
All Applicants- The first part is registering through the on-line registration portal and prioritizing the choice of programs. During this time, parents will use their email as the account log in. Payment of a deposit must accompany the on-line application. 
LDP1 applicants will receive a pop up digital form within the on-line application for the applicant to fill in (no parents completing this part please). 
LDP2 applicants will have a different second part listed in the description below.
Leadership programs are not first come first serve, but are openly accepted until midnight on December 18, 2016, at which time all applications are reviewed by the camp director, and spaces are allotted accordingly.  Placement is allotted based on camper interest, history at camp, and outside experience by the individual.  Anyone is welcome to apply, as no factors outwiegh others and all applications will be reviewed. After the deadline passes, placement will be occur on a first come-first served based on suitability for the programs.
Leadership Development Program Level 1 MONTH Program (L1 or LDP1) - Hard Skill Training
Minimum Age: 15 (as of January 1st)
Rate $3155+ tax
  • July LDP1 - July 2 to 28
  • August LDP1 - July 30 to August 25
The Leadership 1 program focuses on candidates who are the minimum of 15 as of January 1st of the current camping season.  The four week experience challenges participants in all aspects of outdoor adventure.  The month revolves around candidates working toward their certificate levels in swimming  (Bronze Cross/Medallion) sailing (White Sail/Bronze Levels), lakewater canoeing (ORCA equivalents), First Aid and CPR (taught through the Red Cross).  A big draw to the one-month program is the legendary 6-7 night excursion to Temagami, where participants are challenged on a canoe trip exceeding 100 km.  The program builds character, self esteem, and provides a memorable month kids will take with them forever. *This program could lead candidates to be qualified for the LDP2 program in 2018*
NEW! Leadership Development Program Level 1- SHORT STAY - Hard Skills
Minimum Age: 15 (as of January 1st)
Rate $1525+ tax
  • July LDP1 Short Stay - July 2 to 14

This two-week leadership program is perfect for busy candidates interested in leadership opportunities. Candidates must be a minimum of 15 as of January 1st of the current camping season. Candidates will work towards their certifications in swimming (Bronze Medallion/Cross), lakewater canoeing (ORCA equivalents) and first aid and CPR. Plenty of opportunities exsist for socializing with participants in the one-month program however most activities through the day will be with your fellow Short Stay participants.  The Short Stay program allows for character building and skill development in this intense program.*This program could lead candidates to be qualified for the LDP2 program in 2018*

Leadership Development Program Level 2 (L2 or LDP2) - Leader in Training
Minimum Age: 16 (as of January 1st)
Rate $2990+ tax
  • July LDP2 - July 2 to 28
  • August LDP2 - July 30 to August 25
The Leadership 2 program focuses on candidates who are a minimum age of 16 as of January 1st of the current camping season.  This program promotes the ideals of leadership in life, challenging candidates to have a positive impact within both the camp and community.  Throughout the month, candidates work together within the L2 group as well as divided throughout the camp and community.  Leadership sessions are prepared and presented by the Leadership department, and senior camp staff.  The program also includes a short term live-out cabin placement, obtaining their NLS,  a short term interest session placement, and various programming challenges and problem solving skills to identify and overcome.
In addition to the on-line application process listed above, applicants for the LDP2 program submit a 750 word essay outlining their interest in the program and any skills that he/she possess that will contribute positively to the LDP2 program. The essay should be sent directly to Oona at: oona.ashmore@campcouchiching.com no later then noon December 18 2016 .

(Support fees may apply at $355 + tax per week for one on one supervision)
 The Camp Couchiching Pathways program is devoted to helping those campers who need some extra support during their time at camp.  Whether these campers require their own personal support worker or just some help in the cabin, children in this program can experience camp in a fully inclusive environment. For more information about the Pathways program, please call our office.
Non-Summer Programs

Spring Camp
May 19 to 22 (Victoria Day Weekend)
  • $175 + tax for pre-registered 2017 Summer Campers
  • $200 + tax for non 2017 Summer Camps
This short 4 day program occurs each year over the long weekend in May.  Throughout the short few days at Cooch, campers accomplish a great deal.  The days are based on camper choice programming and the weekend finishes with a mini Cooch Games; the first of the year.  A great program for campers who are nervous about camp or who are seeking a better understanding of what Camp Couchiching is all about.  Spring Camp is a great way to reconnect with camp, and warm up to the summer that is fast approaching. Transportation to/from Toronto is included in the fee!
Sayanora Seniors Weekend Camp
May 26 to 28
  • $50 + tax

Exclusively for our 2016 3rd year senior campers from Summer Camp (campers born in 2001). Take this chance to celebrate your camper days at Cooch with an amazing weekend designed by you! Hang out with friends, do your favourite activities and take in every moment of camp you can.Transportation to/from Toronto is included in the fee!

Camp Couchiching's Age Groups
(as of this past September) 
Juniors -  Grades 1-3
Intermediates - Grades 4-6
Seniors - Grades 7-10